The Prophet’s Dictation of the Qur’an and Zaid

Some references allege that the Mushafs used by Ubayy bin Ka’b and Ibn Mas’ud exhibited discrepancies in their arrangement of suras, based on the universal norm. But nowhere do we find any reference to a disagreement in the ordering of verses within a particular sura. Scholars unanimously agree that to follow the sura order in… Read More The Prophet’s Dictation of the Qur’an and Zaid

Quranic Orthography and Paleography

Orthography refers to spelling conventions while paleography (in this context) deals with a language’s script, with the shape of its letters and the placement of dots etc. Excerpt: The History of the Qur’anic Text (From Revelation to Compilation), Muhammad Mustafa al-A’zami, Suhail Academy, Lahore, 2005, p.135-140 Much of this (paleography) discussion will revolve around nuqat… Read More Quranic Orthography and Paleography