Hast o Neest

Hast o Neest Philosophy & Tradition is the philosophical framework platform for Hast-o-Neest Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts. Contributions and selected excerpts are made by the trustees, advisors and teachers at Hast o Neest, and reflect the main objective of world traditions with specific focus on the Islamic tradition.

The name ‘Hast-o-Neest’ is inspired by a couplet of Jalauddin Rumi illustrating a principle seen in the traditional world-view as underlying all creation – including art – where a gross and ephemeral medium – ‘non-being’ – becomes the locus reflecting or manifesting true ‘Being’.

At Hast-o-Neest the focus is on the Islamic concept of ‘ihsan‘ i.e. doing things beautifully. In the traditional Islamic world-view ‘beauty-jamal’ is an aspect of the Creator and is seen as an essential aspect of His creation, by extension it becomes an important aspect of everything one does or creates, including art. 

The website of the institute is at http://www.hastoneest.com; write to us on email at hast.o.neest@gmail.com.

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